Terms & Conditions

Apartment rental conditions:

  • We kindly ask you to read terms and conditions. In additional questions do not hesitate to contact with us
    Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00 by phone number +372 50 45 444 or send us an
    e-mail: info@apartment.ee
  • Rental period starts from 1 month or longer. The Tenant must have identity document
    (D-card or passport) at the time of the handover of the apartment. The apartment handover time should be agreed advance.
  • All residents must be listed in the Tenancy registration card.
    Subletting the apartment. without the consent of the Landlord is
    not permitted (including Airbnb).
  • The sum of the deposit is equal to one (1) months’ rent. The deposit is payable in one instalment by bank payment.
  • There is no Brokerage fees in apartment rental.
  • There is no pets allowed in Apartment OU, by avoiding this rule guest should settle the fine and leave the apartment.
  • Apartment OU flats are completely smoke-free – smoking is prohibited in the building (including the balconies
    and the estate). Smoking allowed only outside in smoking area.
  • There is WIFI and cable TV in all the apartments – Telia internet and STV television.
  • Extra charges for utilities will be added to monthly rental price.

Bookings and Payment

  • We advise you to make your apartment reservation 2 weeks before
    your arrival date.
  • You can make a booking by e-mail info@apartment.ee, by phone
    +372 504 5444 or through our web page www.apartment.ee.
  • Minimum age for making reservations is 18.
  • The apartment rent payment could be done: by bank transfer or in
    our office in cash (EUR) or by bank card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro). You will receive all instructions about the payment with our
    confirmation email.
  • The deposit payment should be done before arrival in full amount by bank transfer. In the event of any damages done to the apartment or individuals, the deposit fee will be used to cover these damages.
  • If you would like to extend your stay , please inform Apartment.ee in
    advance and let extend your door code as well.

Check-in and Check-out

  • Check – in time is from 12.00 till 17.00 if it has not agreed differently
  • The apartment door code is personal and confidential. The guest responsible for the safety of his/her code. If guest loses his/her door code or keys and requires assistance to reenter the apartment outside office working hours (between 17.00 and 09.00), Apartment OÜ reserves the right to charge 35 EUR for the call out of the person on duty.
  • The guest is also responsible for the safety of his/her keys. If you have
    lost your keys please inform Apartment OU immediately – call
    +372 504 5444. The fine for losing the keys is 150 EUR.
  • Check out time is 12:00 o’clock/noon on the day of departure if it has not been agreed differently.
  • The required final cleaning of the apartment includes the following:
    • The removal of any furniture and objects owned by the resident from the apartment;
    • Sweeping and cleaning floors with a detergent, removing any stains;
    • Complete cleaning of all installed cabinets, shelves, basket systems, etc;
    • Cleaning the cooker and the oven;
    • Empty, thaw and wash the refrigerator and the freezer (leave the doors of the units open and switch off the power supply);
    • Washing the toilet, sink and shower room with appropriate cleaning products;
    • Cleaning of the bathroom trap;
    • Removing any stains from doors, door handles and walls;
    • Emptying the wardrobes, cleaning and removing any stains;
    • Ventilate the apartment properly: when leaving the apartment, close the windows and the balcony door.
    • Remember that the same waste handling instructions apply while moving, as they do while living in the apartment.
  •  Keys should be returned to the Apartment OÜ team after the final cleaning if the apartment is no longer in use.
  • The deposit will be refunded within one week of the termination of the contract, provided that no damages beyond normal wear and tear have been found in apartment, the apartment has been properly cleaned and all the keys have been returned to Apartment OÜ team.


  • All apartment rent prices are published out on our website http://www.apartment.ee under each apartment type in euros. You can find special discounts in the section „Special Offers
  • Published prices includes:
    • fresh linen,
    • towels and soap,
    • kitchen equipment and supplies,
    • free Internet connection,
    • cable television,
    • free parking in a closed courtyard,
    • use of the washing machine,
    • apartment cleaning

Guest’s Responsibilities

  • Use the apartment for intended purposes and keep it in order.
  • Use water and electricity sparingly.
  • Do not let strangers into your room.
  • The outer footwear must be taken off in the vestibule.
  • When leaving your apartment, make sure your door as well as the main gate is closed properly.
  • Please refrain from smoking inside the apartment! Smoking is only permitted outside smoking area. The fine for smoking in the apartment is 150 EUR.
  • Please do not take anything out from the apartment.
  • Any loss or damage caused by the guest should be informed to
    Apartment OÜ and be compensated in case the guest is found responsible.
  • Apartment OÜ does not have any responsibility for loss of guest personal belongings in the apartment.
  • Guests must behave in a civil manner, refraining from loud noise and rude behavior, which may disturb other people. If a guest behaves in an unacceptable or aggressive manner to other guests, neighbors or Apartment OU, then a fine will be charged.
  • The apartments are not intended for social events. The number of people allowed in the apartment is conditioned by the
    fixed number of beds.
  • In Estonia peace an quiet is required from 23.00. The creation of unreasonable, loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise made after this time may result in a fine of 320 EUR.
  • It is strictly forbidden to have parties in the apartment. Any
    person(s) found to be creating excessive noise, having a party in
    the apartment from 23:00 to 7:00, or exceeding the numbers of
    permitted guests, will be evicted without refund.
  • The apartment has to be left in good condition. In case the apartment needs extra cleaning the costs will be charged
    from guest.
  • For lost and found inquiries please contact us by phone or email. A guest or visitor inquiring about the lost item should provide proper
    identification before the item is returned. Lost and found items will be stored for a period of 3 months after which the items will be discarded.


  • Pets are not allowed.

Cancellation Policy

  • The long-term bookings (14 days-1 month) are non-refundable.
  • Apartment.ee is not responsible for bad weather, illness, changes in
    travel plans or travel delays.
  • In order to avoid any expenses resulted by a cancelled trip we advise
    you to purchase travel insurance.

Apartment.ee Liability

  • Apartment.ee is obligated to keep the prepaid bookings.
  • Apartment.ee is obligated to keep the apartment booked for the customer.
  • In case of broken equipment Apartment.ee is obligated to give its best
    to repair or replace the broken objects.
  • Apartment.ee does not take responsibility for circumstances not
    related to it (i.e. technical errors, communal or other services).
  • Apartment.ee is not responsible for complaints that are not brought
    forth right after detecting the faults.
  • Noise-free rooms not guaranteed.
  • Special requests are subject to availability upon
    check-in and may incur additional charges. Special requests cannot be guaranteed.


  • The contents of this webpage are copyrighted.
  • We allow you to use our webpage for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Using the webpage for any other purpose is strictly forbidden.
  • You are not allowed to reproduce, copy and disclose the material
    shown on the webpage of Apartment.ee on other websites (except for when we ourselves have given a written permission which we can
    take back any time).
  • By using the given webpage you agree with using the brand of
    Apartment.ee for personal and non-commercial purposes only and on fulfilling all given conditions
    according to the law.
  • In case these policies are violated, according to the law Apartment.ee
    has the right to take legal proceedings or to restrict access to the
    website of www.apartment.ee.
  • Apartment.ee reserves the right to change the terms and conditions
    without prior notification.


E-mail: info@apartment.ee
Phone / Client Support: +372 504 5444
Mon-Fri: 09.00-17.00

Apartment.ee team

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